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Case Study – The Resilient Leader

Our financial services client needed to develop the resilience of their top 2000 leaders, otherwise they were putting the delivery of their future strategy at risk.

Step in Wondrous.

Our expert, innovative and quality approach, together with our long and successful history with the bank is why they chose us.

We began by gathering intelligence from everywhere. We carried out interviews with leaders, looked at engagement reports and analysed what was already happening with regard to resilience at the bank.

Armed with this insight, we developed a one-day face to face solution that took the latest academic theory and translated it into pragmatic application.

This programme gave participants the opportunity to discover the inner and outer resources that contribute to resilient leadership and develop strategies to increase their own and their team’s resilience.

The impact of the programme was evidenced at both an organisational and individual level

  • Most popular programme on the bank’s leadership curriculum, attended by 335 leaders….so far
  • Effectiveness and applicability of the programme rated at over 90%
  • Success of programme has led to Wondrous building a resilience toolkit for the bank and designing further resilience initiatives