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Christmas wrapped up

Nina Bainbridge
Wondrous Coach

Wondrous Coach Nina Bainbridge wraps up our advice for managing the Christmas period with three guiding principles.

Whether your Christmas plans on paper look joyous and bright or far from the ‘norm’ you are used to, this season can shine a spotlight and unearth all sorts of emotions that might otherwise be more manageable throughout the year.

Syphon off the stress

Often we don’t feel in control of the pressures that mount up, but we can do something to syphon off the stress we feel. Factor in ‘syphon’ activities little and often. Quiet time, listening to music or taking a walk or run outside – nature is characteristically still at this time of year – whatever works for you. Honouring this time regularly will increase the quality of your thinking which in turn helps boost wellbeing and resourcefulness. It sounds simple but we tend to spiral when we don’t put enough speed bumps in between ourselves and what’s happening around us.

Reframe your Christmas

Forget the cultural norm. How can you redefine what Christmas means to you personally, given your context? Reframing your expectation around it helps with perspective. Then ask yourself, what would one step toward improving it look like?  If it falls short, work toward something else later in the year that will help balance it out.

Manage your resourcefulness

Whether you find it tough because of emotional overwhelm or a treadmill to-do list, we often focus on what we need to do rather than how we want to be. Pause for a sec and ask yourself what can you do in the next ten minutes that would boost / support or enable you more? Being more at your best has a ripple effect on resourcefulness, as well as being way more fulfilling.

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