Four things Wondrous organisations do differently

Jess Lazarczyk
Client Director

Having amassed the best part of thirty years of insights working with multiple businesses – small – to large, across a number of different sectors and with different goals and missions, we’ve seen common behaviours and approaches that set apart those that thrive.

Here are four things I believe Wondrous organisations do differently.

Wondrous organisations are not interested in playing it safe

Provocation is a key way to shift a person or group’s frame of reference – and Wondrous organisations are not afraid to use it! Nothing quite alters a mind-set like seeing something from a completely different perspective, and true life-changing learning happens once a mind-set has been nudged out of place. Wondrous organisations employ a considered balance between challenge and compassion. They take courageous steps to ensure that they are provoking and stretching their people and at the same time are doing so with positive intent and with the current capacity and capability of the individual and organisation in mind.

Wondrous organisations realise their people are their greatest asset, and value each individual

Businesses are only as great as their people, and Wondrous organisations know this. Their people are considered to be the business’s greatest assets, and are treated as such. Individuals are recognised for their individual value, and are given the resources to grow and develop. Wondrous people make Wondrous organisations. People are treated with respect and the business creates appropriate levels of psychological safety, so that individuals can stretch themselves with confidence. This enhances retention, engagement and loyalty, as well as making the organisation a warm place to work, increasing morale and productivity.

Wondrous organisations keep a systemic lens

Wondrous organisations recognise and appreciate that individuals impact their wider business, and that the wider business impacts individuals. Shift or develop one? The other will feel the impact. Wondrous organisations keep the micro and macro elements in mind to make the most of the investment they make in developments. They are committed to developing their individuals, not at the expense of the wider organisation – and supporting the organisation, not at the expense of the individual. Wondrous organisations are skilled at zooming in and out, meaning they don’t get sucked into the weeds – keeping a helicopter perspective at all times, and developing both the micro and the macro in alignment with one another. This means that individual targets, ambitions and developments are working in alignment with the growth targets, strategic ambitions and key developments of the wider organisation.

Wondrous organisations relish diverse thinking

If you do the same thing you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. Wondrous organisations aren’t afraid of thinking in a different way, and actively look for experts (both externally and internally) to support them in new or different ways of thinking. Creativity and innovation are celebrated and championed throughout Wondrous organisations and people are encouraged to question the norm, resulting in high levels of innovation, creativity and engagement, and enabling a culture that isn’t frightened of change and evolution, because they’re driving it. The benefit? An organisation that’s market-leading, innovating with new products and efficiencies and finding ways to improve the bottom line while maintaining quality and employee engagement.

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