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At Wondrous, our goal is to help your business perform better. We do this through the only assets you have which are truly unique to you: your culture and your people.

Many organisations sit on a stockpile of employee potential that goes unseen and unutilised. We can help you identify and unlock that potential in order to accelerate and future-proof your business.

We listen to what you want to achieve, immerse ourselves in your organisation, and gather intelligence.

Our insights act as a mirror for you to hold up to your organisation, helping you gain deep, unprecedented understanding. We then support you through the process of transforming learning into action.

We always leave a legacy. Once learned, the benefits of our guidance are there to stay: embedded in your people and your business for years to come. And the outcome? A healthier bottom line, powered by a higher-performing and happier workforce. And with careful attention, your company will continue to witness many more Wondrous rewards.

Read about some of our solutions below.

coronavirus resource centre

We are all facing intense personal, leadership and team challenges. At Wondrous, we are committed to supporting our clients during this period. In our coronavirus resource centre, we are sharing information and digitally-delivered solutions that can help leaders and teams. All with the Wondrous qualities that come from 30 years of supporting people to understand, to connect, to transform and to thrive.

Please do get in touch at wondrous@wondrouspeople.com, if you want to discuss any of these ideas or to discover how Wondrous could support you and your people to survive and thrive with real humanity.

Wondrous Expert Webinars

What Your (Micro) Behaviour Says About You, with Will Karlsen
Life After Lockdown: Resourcing Yourself for the New Normal, with Dr Carole Pemberton
The Neuroscience of Empowering Leadership, with Dr Gabija Toleikyte
Shifting Attitudes, Enhancing Impact. Simplify and Focus in a Time of Uncertainty, with Simon Tyler
Connecting with Ourselves to Survive and Thrive During Crisis, with Ruth Lawson
Enable Your People and Teams to Succeed Remotely, with Maria Cussell
Creating Positive Team Connection in Uncertainty, with Nina Bainbridge


Leading Through Crisis

Coaching packages specifically tailored to enable leaders facing dislocation and crisis to find answers and support, at pace.

Consisting of 3 coaching sessions targeted at senior leaders, this package can be rolled out immediately.

Click here for more information (pdf)

Coaching Clinics

A Coaching Clinic that places your leaders and their wellbeing at the very centre of a survive-and-thrive strategy.

Open to as many leaders as you would like, individuals can sign up to a 1 hour coaching session with a coach, at a time that is convenient to them.

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Virtual Classrooms

Leadership Essentials

Equipping leaders, across organisations, with the skills they need now; a 90-minute interactive virtual classroom: Leadership Essentials for Thriving Through Crisis.

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Resilience for Leaders

Our mental and physical resilience is being tested and stretched as never before. To empower leaders with core resilience skills, we have designed a 90-minute Wondrous interactive virtual classroom: Resilience for Leaders.

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Insights & Resources

Our Solutions

We’ve sparked some truly Wondrous transformations in a number of very large, dynamic organisations. Our clients include Lloyd’s Banking Group, Penguin Random House, ASICS, Shop Direct, Centrica, Vodafone, and more. No two solutions have been the same, because ambition and culture vary from business to business. To reflect this, we offer tailored solutions to every challenge. Get in touch when you’re ready to start your journey.


Culture is all about how the people in your company work together to get the best outcomes. Our work enables leaders to own, drive and transform culture to create an environment that’s productive, healthy and engaging while improving customer experience and business performance.

Case Study

A leading telecoms provider had grown consistently through acquisitions and was celebrated by shareholders. But this was masking a need to move faster and be better at keeping customers to maintain success for the long term. Over three years we delivered a modular programme. We created a “one brand” identity, improved collaboration across the business, and defined what good leadership meant for them. The result was critical new products bought to market more quickly than ever before and winning more customers; and a more responsive customer service. A doubling in share price during our programme was a great return on investment.
The programme has been truly stretching and experiential and has given our leaders the opportunity to immerse themselves in how their behaviours and roles will shape our future direction.


Effective leaders are critical to organisational success, yet what made them effective in the past will not necessarily work today or tomorrow. We support leaders and future leaders to transform, change mindsets and enable themselves, their teams and their organisation to thrive.

Case Study

Our client was one of the UK’s best-known retail banks. More customers banking online meant share price recovery and profitability, but also big changes and an uncertain future – for them and their employees. We created a roadshow of events, upskilling leaders to share tough messages whilst building commitment to the goal. The events scored at 92.8% for relevance and applicability; improved morale across the division, and drove major increases in the rate of customers using online-only channels.
Excellent content and excellent facilitators with loads to take back to the branch. Overall it was a great programme and also a great opportunity to share best practice with peers.


Having the right skills and knowledge empowers individuals, particularly in environments of constant change. Our work enables people to take ownership of their development and equips them with critical skills to achieve success.

Case Study

Unprecedented external change meant our engineering client had no choice but to transform their culture. This meant leaders needed to better enable their teams to come up with new insight on challenging and complex business issues. Working with our client, we co-created a two-day highly experiential workshop to build coaching capability that could be flexed according to coaching experience. Post programme embedding was delivered via what we at Wondrous call Pods. These enabled participants to tap into peer learning and coaching supervision to embed their learning. As a result of the programme leaders are now realising individual and team potential, developing others and gaining new insight to help solve business problem.
One of the best programmes I have attended in years. Gave me a great insight in how I can develop myself as a leader, but also how I can get the best out of my team.

Our network

We have a world-class network of talented and experienced associates that operate across the globe. These include: globally renowned coaches, leading academics, visiting professors at the top business schools, entrepreneurs, organisational development consultants, psychologists, world-class facilitators, experiential learning designers, and digital transformation experts.

Each coach, consultant, facilitator and mentor is highly experienced and brings a robust professional background. They all go through our gold-standard assessment procedure before joining our Network, to ensure they also have the outstanding personality required to deliver our people development solutions Wondrously.