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Reflections on Christmas

Neela Bettridge and Philip Crocker
Wondrous Coaches

Today’s reflections on how to manage conflicting emotions during festive times come from Wondrous coaches Neela Bettridge and Philip Crocker.

Look up!

When I feel overwhelmed by all I have to do, (and Christmas is one of these times!) I make sure I look up. It sounds such a simple thing, but it gives me perspective on all that is beautiful and precious around me, and what I am thankful for. It enables me to breathe and deal with the swirl of emotions and responsibilities that come at a time like Christmas. I try and remember the gifts of each person or situation and this really does help me deal with what is in front of me. Wondrous coach, Neela Bettridge

Judge less, discern more

With some sense of surprise and peace I am 60 this year – “I made it!”
Accompanying this is a slight regret that I had not felt this freedom sooner… Freedom? Yes, freedom to be myself and cease trying to be someone else. There is huge pressure and always has been to conform to ‘norms’. In my lifetime so called ‘norms’ have shifted amazingly. I mention this because, for me, the need to conform to others opinions of me has diminished. Perhaps strangely, this freedom has awoken in me a deep compassion for others and myself and an embracing and celebration of difference and diversity. So a key technique I try to adopt is to judge less and discern more – seeking wisdom, perhaps knowledge applied in love gained over six decades of learning to be me. Wondrous coach, Philip Crocker

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