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The latest from London conferences

Dorrie Dowling
Head of Product

I’ve been out and about at conferences across London to discover the latest developments and innovations in the People space. Here are the highlights:

Back in February I was at the Learning Technologies Conference at London Excel. It was great to see all the new tech on the horizon, including interesting applications of video and virtual reality in the learning environment. We made great connections, and have begun planning how we might enhance our products in the future using technology.

The People analytics & future of work conference in April was a smaller and more niche event attended by leading analytics experts. The field of analytics is a fascinating one with huge potential. As an industry we have the capability to look at data that exists in organisations to really understand what’s going on, not just what’s reported by people.  Evidence of how people are behaving can be analysed to understand what sits at the heart of organisational issues and problems. While a number of companies offer analytics solely from a  software perspective, what’s key to our approach at Wondrous is how that data is made meaningful when it’s combined with deep insight to bring about real change.

At the ICEDR’s leadership in the new world of work conference in May, a select group from the NCAD and LSE executive education schools gathered at JP Morgan to discuss the future of leadership and a piece of work ICEDR are doing on the capability of leaders. A key take out was the need for leaders to foster a more agile way of working and to operate more as peers. Reverse mentoring which involved senior leaders and junior team members working together on a project highlighted the benefits of pooling and sharing skills, and breaking down hierarchical barriers that get in the way of innovation and creativity.  Caroline Styr from the Center for the Future work, who was a speaker at the event, explained how humans are a blend of science and art and that “AI is taking the machine out of man”. AI will give us the opportunity to dial up the art element and to drive innovation and transformation. We agree that the human contingent, alongside AI is key for the success of organisations.


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