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Your Story, Your Attitude, Your Life

Simon Tyler
Wondrous Coach

With the festive season in full swing, we’re sharing insights from our network of Wondrous coaches. Simon Tyler, leading business coach and author of ‘The Impact Book’, ‘The Keep It Simple Book’, ‘The Impact Code’, ‘The Simple Way’ and most recently ‘The Attitude Book’, explains the importance of attitude.

You have a choice about how you interpret what shows up in your life and work and how you habitually describe it. Although at times it feels like you don’t. Your attitude trajectory is more in your control than it would often seem. Simply by activating a deliberate choice of ‘up’ more often than ‘down’ in how you describe your story can change the impact.

As I have toured the country this year delivering Attitude Boosts to groups and teams and I find this resonating more and more. Tune into your own language and habit phrases – can you ‘up your game’ here? Use language in your story to reinforce the positives, the opportunities that are available rather than the challenges you face. Recondition your attitude. Each time you reflect and perhaps feel “down” about where you are, consider the way you are telling your story and how this sets an expectation and limited range into which your future might expand.

The pain you have had to endure can activate an attitude that magnetically draws matching annoyances and pains. You garner evidence that ‘proves’ your story is true and, that potential future you dream of, remains just that, a dream. The late Dr Wayne Dyer often stated: “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

The attitude you are wearing at any moment determines how you attract, influence and experience everything that’s going on. Shift the language you use and begin retelling your story. Notice the shift in your own attitude and what it brings your way.

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