Developing future-fit leaders

Helping a UK challenger bank develop leaders who could flourish in uncertain and volatile environments.

The challenge

Developing future-fit leaders

A UK challenger bank recognised that to deliver their ambitious strategy they would need to develop a pool of exceptional future leaders who would flourish in uncertain and volatile times.

They wanted to co-create a pioneering, experiential and immersive solution for their high potential leaders grounded in their business strategy.

What we did

Leadership 3.0 HiPo programme

We created an edgy and challenging ‘experi-tank’ for the CEO’s hand-picked leaders of the future. It included a series of cutting edge, in-depth experiences that simulated the volatile and complex market scenarios facing this values-orientated challenger bank. We encouraged leaders to step out of their comfort zone and step up to current and future-focused challenges including tackling the very real issue of digital transformation the bank was facing. As they did we helped them work on how they show up with purpose, impact, resilience and adaptability creating the mindsets for continual growth and learning.

Impact & Results

“The cost is a drop in the ocean when you look at what our colleagues have learned and the capability we now have in our leadership. Participants have described it as ‘a life changing experience.” – Executive Sponsor



Rated at over 90% by leaders for effectiveness and applicability. Leaders reported being more self-aware, confident and braver with greater ability to adapt their style for the right impact and meet the needs of themselves and their teams.


Approximately half of the delegates have either been promoted or have moved on to bigger roles.


Work inspired through the programme has delivered multimillion-pound savings. Challenger groups remained active and used to resolve strategic issues post the programme.

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