Transforming teams

Partnering to build agile teams for accelerated performance.

The challenge

Building agile teams for accelerated performance

A major publishing company had a newly formed leadership team in a critical area of the business. They wanted to ensure that they harnessed their innovative history to determine ambitious future goals. They knew they needed to bond as a team fast to strengthen their leadership and, wanted to set the environment for their own teams to deliver their vision and strategy.

What we did

Growing the team to grow the business

We worked closely with the leader and her team over a year to deliver a strategically focused solution that worked on the team as they worked on the business. It supported them to:

  • Devise a new vision and strategy.
  • Agree what effective teamwork looked, sounded, and felt like and create a living contract.
  • Strengthen external relationships to become trusted meaningful partnerships.
  • Demonstrate a healthy balance between success and failure by shutting down a big tech project and an unprofitable department in open consultation with the business.
  • Led and replicated their own process and learning in their individual team.

Impact & Results

“Working with Wondrous has delivered impressive results with real business value. Wondrous coaching is remarkable. The impact is shown through the clarity of our strategy, the energy of our teams, our relationships with our key partners and, most critically, on our ability to deliver against ambitious creative and commercial goals. On a personal level, I have defined the kind of leader I want to be and this is proving to be the greatest motivator of all.” –  Managing Director


The leadership team culture changed, becoming one where everyone can thrive and do their best work.


A clear strategy and a plan to deliver against ambitious goals was formed.


Financial team target met despite a shrinking market.

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